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6th May

 Last week was a week of planting, planting and more planting, the weather luckily had turned dry after a wet weekend,

Which was great for the onions that we have already planted.

We now have one hundred thousand onions planted, fifty thousand red and fifty thousand white.

By the end of the week we made a start on planting the one hundred and twenty thousand Leeks, these are, sixty thousand early leeks, thirty thousand late leeks and thirty thousand winter leeks.

We now have ninety thousand leeks left to plant, but we can only plant the rest of the early leeks this week’s as the rest are still a wee bit to wee.

With making a start on the leeks last week we are left with, three hundred and twenty  five trays of early leeks, that is forty six thousand eight hundred leeks, each tray has one hundred and forty four cells, one plant per cell, we will manage to plant these in two days.

Then we will take the Brassicas plants out of the tunnel and get them hardened off, these are now ready to be planted, we have one hundred and ninety two trays of different varieties of brassicas, that is twenty seven thousand six hundred and forty eight plants.

We are well on the way with planting this year, and a bit earlier than last year, so hopefully if the weather stays kind, we will get all the plants planted by early next week, only leaving ten thousand squash plants to be planted, these seeds haven’t been sown yet, they hate the cold, so we never start sowing them till May.

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