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Monday morning was the coldest morning of harvesting we have had this year, the temperature was -4 it was braw and fresh and tingly on the fingers, and we were harvesting Cabbage and kale first and they hold the water in the leaves which makes them a even colder harvest because almost straight away your hands get wet, but we have a solution to overcome this and its neoprene diving gloves, at first they are even colder because they only work when they are wet, so at 7am and its -4 its a challenging thought to put on a pair of wet gloves, but after about 10 minutes they do heat up and your hands become toastie, but I don't think I should print what is being said in the first 10 minutes I’ll leave that up to your own imagination.
Monday did turn out to be the only cold day, and the plan for the Tuesday was to bed form ground so we could get the Broad beans planted I had gave the ground a quick bed form after the ploughing and was going to finish it of on Wednesday morning but along came the rain over night, Luckily I managed to get the beds done on Thursday which was a nice day, so next week we should be able to plant the first batch of Broad beans.
With the weather being to wet on Wednesday to plant we got stuck in about the Cucumber tunnel, and got a last wee harvest of 50 Cucumbers then it's the job of untangling the strings that are used for helping the plants stand up and taking the old Cucumber plants out we had 250 Cucumbers and they have had a pretty good season.
When Colin and me were doing this Rab got the seeder going and blocked of five thousand Pack Joy seeds which are now in the hot box tunnel, these will be going in after we have got the Cucumber tunnel all cleaned out and ready, and hopefully a nice crop of Pack joy early in the year.
The jobs planned for this week hopefully weather permitting, is to get the planter on and get those Broad beans in the ground, if it is wet we will prepare the Cucumber tunnel and Plant the five thousand Purple sprouting plants and five thousand over winter cabbage plants that are in the hot box tunnel, we already have two tunnels ready for them.

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