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6th November

Last weekends farmers market at Perth was very entertaining to say the least.

Erin and Calum came into the market with me, they have been in to the Perth market with me before, its only 15 minutes from the house, so if they did get bored it is not to far away for Jacqui to come in and pick them up.

But last weekend Jacqui was away for the weekend, so Erin, Calum and Breagh were at the market.

Plans were, they could take Breagh for a wee walk in the North inch park throughout the day, the market is at the North inch park, so that would work out braw.

But best made plans do not always work out.

We were on time, arriving in at Perth as per usual 8am.

But the van had other ideas, and had some mischief up its sleeve.

We were driving down parallel to the market, and only about two hundred meters away.

And the van decided to give us a warning sign on the dash, electrical system service flashed up, never seen that one before.

These, new stop start, and other fancy electrical systems in new motors now obviously put extra pressure on the batteries and charging systems.

Well, I did not think too much more than, I will better get that looked at next week.

But as we were parked up at the stall, the vans dash decided it was Christmas time.

Every single warning light that they can possibly fit in the screen, decided to start flashing like it was a Christmas tree, the only thing the van did not do was play out Jingle bells through the stereo.

So, I quickly unloaded the van and parked it up, and it died.


So, Erin had to look after the stall, I spent the first half hr, trying to sort out getting the van picked up, but I still had to get home after the market.

Luckily, at this point I was still beside the stall.

But after a few more phone calls, I eventually managed to get a hold of Rab that works with me in the field, and the only possible way I could get our other van into Perth, was for Rab to come in and take me back to the farm, then head back in with our other van.

This meant I needed to leave Erin in charge of the stall on her own.

So, I informed fellow stall holders and the market organisers, and headed off.                     Erin was amazing and managed on her own, and at the busiest part of the day, I did not get back to the stall until just before 11am.

Very proud of Erin, and customers came back, to see me, and say how very well she did.

Erin actually enjoyed herself, I am so glad and proud that she was there.

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