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7th February

Well we have had a very interesting and expensive week.

Last weekend we were away at Inveraray for Jacqui’s birthday weekend, all good so far.

Saturday morning I got up switched on the news, mmm looking a bit too windy back at the farm.

So got my phone and checked four other weather reports.

All were saying the same wind speed, but it was the wind direction that was the problem.

So I shouted I’m heading back to the farm, in the car, several phone calls on the way (hands free) and 98 miles later in record time, I was back at the farm to destruction.

One tunnel is completely flat the frame the lot, luckily Rab had made it in just in time to cut the polythene of off another this saves the frame, and when I arrived, we had to cut the polythene of off another again saving the frame.

The end result was three tunnels with no polythene and one destroyed.

At 5pm there was no more we could do, so back in the car and 98 miles later again back in Inveraray for a Beer, I might have had a wee bit more than a Beer.

Sunday morning and weather checking again, wasn’t looking good for Sunday night.

As soon as we were home on Sunday night, it was back to the farm again, forecast was for the winds to come in again at 10pm.

Headtorch on and I was walking around checking the last 3 tunnels and taping up any rips I could find, luckily, they survived the night.

Luckily, I had ordered a 700-meter roll of polythene, as I was going to re sheet one any way, and that was one that we had to cut.

One tunnel that was left with no sheet, before we got there, was the 90-meter cosy tunnel, unfortunately this has 9 bent hoops, so I will need to shorten this tunnel by 10.8 meters before I can re sheet it.

And I had to order a new tunnel to re place the destroyed one, this should be with us in around 3 weeks.

So we now have plenty work to keep us busy now.

And the Latest news on the compact Siroma tractor is.

I have re built it, and it was ready for a test drive.

But now somehow, I had no power to the key, so couldn’t start it.

In between sorting out the tunnel damage and getting back to the Siroma, I eventually tracked the electrical problem down to a small fuse under the console.

So I will test drive it this week.

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