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7th May

Last Monday we managed to make a start at planting out in the field, Last year we started planting on 17th April this year it was the 31st of April a huge difference, we started blocking the plants at the start of January as usual but the plants had to sit through some very cold days and took longer than usual to get growing, then it was a waiting game for the ground to dry out so I could bed form it so we could plant.
We managed to get the brassicas crops planted which was sixty thousand plants, and fleeced to protect them from the pesky pigeons, Calum helped me finish of the fleecing on Saturday night.
This week we need to make a start on planting the Leeks and Onions we have two hundred thousand of these to plant and all going well we should plant a minimum of thirty thousand a day, then it will be onto planting the twelve thousand courgette and Pumpkins,
In between all of this field planting we need to keep on top of the tunnel weeding and there is another tunnel needing three thousand five hundred Lettuce and the same in Celery planted.
So I'd better stop writing this and get back to work and get a move on, I’m of tonight to get some nice smelly compost spread out in the tunnel then I’ll get it rotovated and rolled ready for getting planted in, then it'll be one hour of watering and some more bed forming, finally finishing of with pitting the planter on the tractor and getting ready for Leek planting at 7am.

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