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8th April

We had a couple of stormy days last week, and unfortunately, we suffered two tunnels getting torn.

One we managed to sort by taping it up, we have six-inch-wide tape that is for tunnel repairs, and it works really well, this tunnel had a huge rip from the centre right to the ground, and another huge tear going over four bays each bay is 1.2 meter in length, so that gives you an idea of the damage on that tunnel, luckily it was only one side, so we could repair it with tape.

Some damaged tunnels we have had in the past, we have managed to tape, and it can last for a good couple of years, if it is done right and in good weather.

But the second tunnel was worse, again it was over four bays, but the polythene got ripped and blown off, leaving no sheet at the bottom of this tunnel.

This one we will have to re sheet, but we have all the brassicas and late season leeks blocked and in trays in here,  luckily, they were ok,  so we pulled an old sheet of polythene over for protection for the time being.

When we take these plants out, to harden of before planting, we will re sheet it then.

But it wasn’t all bad last week, out in the field we got the brush weeder out for the first time this year, and went over the broad beans that we planted a couple of weeks ago, these have chitted now, and looking good.

I also bed formed more ground and direct sowed Chioggia beetroot, and this week I will direct sow Milan turnips.

In tunnel two that we repaired with the tape, we planted two thousand five hundred Kohl Rabi and the same amount of spring cabbage.

Next week we will get the rest of the spring cabbage planted another two thousand five hundred, and possibly plant the lettuce and Ruby chard if its big enough.

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