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8th July

The Cucumbers are a weekly job from now till around September, they need their side shoots cut of and tied up every week, they grow at a amazing rate, but with school holidays and bed weeding well under way, it is a job that is getting left to a Sunday.

So last Sunday we were in again, and they have grown around a foot and a half since last week, 4 hrs again it took this time, but I did have two wee helpers, Erin and Calum were in cutting of the Cucumbers that were ready, and they managed to harvest 300 Cucumbers, so that was a great help for us on Monday morning.

Out in the field last week we managed to get all of the leeks bed weeded, that’s two hundred and forty thousand leeks weeded and weed free for the moment.

For this week are planning on bed weeding the beetroot, the beetroot has come on fantastic this year, but the neeps which were sown on the same day are really lagging behind.

So we will get the beetroot weeded, then go back onto the brassicas, and hopefully by then the neeps will be big enough for us to see them more easily, so it will be easier to weed them.

At this time of the year we are always out in the field with the bed weeder, then we usually spend the last hour of the day with everyone in weeding one tunnel, with 5 tunnels in full production, we can usually get them all weeded or re sown each week.

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