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8th October

As you can see from your deliveries last week we have started harvesting the Pumpkins, the crop is looking really good this year, but we are already seeing some starting to rot in the field, this is the reason we are harvesting them early as they hate the frost and we have had three mornings of frost so far.
Last year we had a poor year and never managed to harvest hardly any, and the two previous years we harvested them all and stored them in the tunnels but they still got frosted. But for years Erin and Calum have came to the field and selected their own and we take them home and have stored them in the garage and they keep perfect till Halloween.
So this is the reason we are thinking that they will keep well at your home as long as you don't leave them outside in the garden.
We do know of lots of farms around the central belt that manage to leave them in the fields and have a come and pick your own at the end of October, and we plant at the same time but do not spray or feed anything once they have been planted, and we have tried various varieties but nothing keeps ours perfect sitting out in the open, so is it only because we are organic? or is their ground more suitable for growing Pumpkins than ours, this problem I am still trying to solve.
If you do eat your Pumpkin before Halloween and need some extra for carving nearer the time just give us a call, and hopefully we will still have some left.
We have had a good response to the Pumpkin Cake recipe from last week so we are going to leave it in again this week, so this time the same recipe.

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