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9th April

At the start of last week we had more snow and freezing temperatures, but by Thursday it was at 11 degrees and the tunnels were getting really hot at long last.
I was of with Calum and Erin last week, and its no the best conditions underfoot at this time of the year at the farm so I don't take them round the tunnels to often, because there are loads of deep muddy puddles, and they seem to have a invisable sign that says, I want to be jumped in over the hight of your wellies please, I have never seen this sign, but it must be there, because I always say keep out of that puddle it's really deep. And they go in it, usually ending up with a single wellie stuck in the middle of the deep muddy puddle, and they walk out in their sock, then i'ts dad my foot's frozen, no really I wonder how that could be.
But we went down to check out the plants after we were delivering in St Andrews, and again I said keep out of the puddles, Engineer's they might well become, this time they didn't walk into the middle of the muddy puddle, no they gathered up the wood I have for making new tunnel doors and started making bridges across them.
Now there is one huge puddle that has been made by the tractor over the winter, so that must have be the best one to start out with, and they managed, Problem I managed to dismantle most of their constuction apart from a couple in the middle, so now I will need to get my wellies on, and follow that invisible sign, and venture into the middle of the deep muddy puddle to get the remaining bits of wood. I'll let you know if I come out with both wellies.
In beetween all the bridge building we checked out the planted tunnels and even with all the sustained cold weather the Pak Choy is almost ready for harvesting, also we had planted Spring Cabbage along the same time as the Pak Choy but it looked dead but it's not and is starting to grow, and if the weather heats up it'll come on really fast.
Just before Christmas I had ordered 120 Strawberry plants, a trial for this year, when they arrived i dug them into the ground in a tunnel still in their bunches and covered them with fleece, and now with the weather getting hopefully better and warmer wee had a wee look at them, and they are looking really healthy, so hopefully this week i'll get them planted.
There are photos of the plants above getting inspected by Erin and Calum on facebook and the blog on our web page.
So for this week I am hopefull that we will get a bit of calm weather and I can get that tunnel re sheeted, then get some salad bag seeds sown in there. I also ordered all the sweetcorn, courgette and Pumpkin seeds so they should be arriving, i'ts still to early to sow them we must be sure the frost is completely finished for these seeds so usually we do them at the beginning of May, but we can get all the ten thousand pots filled with compost ready for us to get the seeds in.

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