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9th July

I have had a really hard week of work this week, it's been spent with days out at the beach and mountain biking every day with Erin and Calum.
The reason for this is school holidays, so I am in in the mornings to harvest then I leave at 9am, then Rab, Rory and Andrew get on the bed weeder and keep weeding away, when I get home then Jacqui gets in to work and gets a start on the office and packing the runs.
Its been a fantastic summer this year with virtually no rain and very high temperatures, the crops in the fields are looking good but they are needing a bit of rain to help fill them out.
The tunnels are thriving in the heat and I haven't had any doors on since May because they have been really warm, they are needing huge amounts of watering every day and that job alone is taking around four hours a day.
This week I am still on playing duties so I’m going to have to spend more days on the bike and days at the beach body boarding with Erin and Calum, so this weeks work will be much the same as last week.

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