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9th november

 Last week we at long last got our new implement shed finished.

Well it’s not actually a new shed, it’s a shed made up of  reclaimed wood from our wind break, but we did have to buy new polythene for the roof.

The roof was a sticky point, I was going to roof the shed with proper roof sheets, but the price came in at £1800, so I ended up using some old tunnel hoops, and cut and bolted them on.         Then I ordered polythene for sheeting tunnels for housing sheep at lambing time, it has a green outer and white underneath, so there is no dripping.

And last week we got this on, and with sawmill waste bark wood, and the green roof, the shed looks very rustic.

So that’s the implement shed up which is 10 meters by 10m meters and 3 meters high.

This week we should manage to finish of the John Deere shed which is going attach to the side of our shed, this is going to be 10 meters by 7 metres and built the same way.

The final price of the implement and tractor shed should be £500 all with the use of old materials lying around.

With the shed nearly finished the next job is to get back to clearing the willow trees from below the cosy tunnels, in this area we are going to plant 300 Raspberry canes, 12 more apple trees, 300 strawberry plants and we are thinking about Gooseberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes, these are all things my gran used to grow, and made us pick every summer, so it’s about time Erin and Calum had a wee bit of that job to do, so they can remember it in years to come.

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