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9th September

We had a extra busy week this week, with our yearly attendance at the Dundee Flower Show. We have never managed to sell veg at any shows we attend, so we use these events for displaying our produce for promoting our organic delivery service.

I don’t know why we can’t sell veg at show, or one off Sunday events are the same, so we tend not to do those any more.

The Dundee flower show is a Three day event, it started on Friday and finished off on Sunday night.

Setting up the display usually takes me around two hours, and I like to do it myself, the reason it takes me so long, is I usually set it up quick, stand back and take a look then take it all down again, you would have thought I’d have learned by now.

But the first set up gives me an idea of what I’m looking for, usually by the third time I have it pretty good, then it’s just wee moves of veg here and there. And then what usually happens, is someone comes along and picks up one veg to look at, and it’s always a veg that’s holding everything neatly in place.

On Sunday I had a visit at our stall from the presenters from Beechgrove garden, Carol Baxter and George Anderson, they stopped at the stall, as they were impressed with the display and all of the colour.

They were asking all about the farm, when it started, and the growing season, at the end Carol Baxter took a leaflet and asked if it would be ok for them to get in touch and possibly do a bit about our farm on Beechgrove garden some time.

Well I had to tell them we already have a natural TV presenter at the farm, with Jacqui being on Reporting Scotland a few weeks past, after I had shown them the clips, both remembered seeing it, and thought she was fantastic and a natural, now I’m hoping I get even a wee part in the show, or will I just getting delegated in setting things up.

Jacqui does say I blether far too much and its mostly rubbish, although I would disagree.

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