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Over the summer holidays when Erin and Calum were at the farm, we had a visit from the Courier.

The Courier is the local paper for Perthshire and fife.

They were out to do an article on our growing and delivery service.

Lots of photos were taking. and I was talking about how we started. to where we are now, and our plans for the future.

On Thursday the 28th we had a full spread in the on-line part of the paper, most of the photos had Erin and Calum steeling my limelight. With a great write up about us.

You can find it by googling.    inyourarea.co.uk. and put in the post code.  KY146EW. Then click on.  NEWS.

We also had another photographer out last week, taking more photos for another article.

This time no Erin and Calum but she wanted Breagh my Collie in all the shots.

Looks like Breagh is now going to be steal my limelight this time.

If you remember from previous newsletter, I was talking about direct sowing Squash plants next year.

After we lost thousands of squash plants after planting due to the long very hot drought.

The courgettes were hit bad, and we lost lots of them, so I thought for a trial, we will replace any dead plants with a seed and see what happens, well they have grown great, and we are surprisingly getting some courgettes from them, even though it was so late in the season.

I am defiantly thinking about doing that next year.

Firstly, we will save around two tonnes of compost, second, we will not have the constant fight with the mice trying to eat every seed.

And third we need to keep one full tunnel free for bringing the seeds on before planting.

The seed trays for squash plats only have 28 cells per tray, and we bring on ten thousand seeds, that is 357 trays, tying up a tunnel until May.

This tunnel could be planted and harvested in the time the squash plants are in there growing.

So, for another trial, as we are direct sowing broad beans in the tunnel, I thought I would try and get a tray of seeds germinated before planting, just to see how much faster they are to grow compared to seeds that are planted direct from the packet.

So, I lined the bottom of a tray with fleece, put a layer of bean seeds on it, fleece on top, and watered them, then a lid on top and put them in the heat.

Well within two days they had germinated.

They are now planted in a row beside seeds planted straight from the packet.

Time will tell usually the beans take about two weeks to come through the soil.

This might be the way for doing squash seeds.

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