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18th March

Over the last few weeks I have been walking through the winter cauliflower, just keeping an eye on when they would be ready for harvesting

Every week it looked like they are almost ready.

And this Monday again I walked in, and I didn’t have to go far and I could see the first of the cauliflower’s ready for harvesting.

So straight back to get the Fergie which was waiting with the trailer on and crates ready for harvesting leeks.

And it didn’t take long to fill 6 crates, around two hundred and fifty caulis.

We have planted around ten thousand in this second batch.

So, we should have cauliflower for a good while.

A great crop to have at this time of the year.

We also still have leeks left for harvesting.

Plus, in the tunnels we have a bed of Ruby chard which is three rows and ninety meters long, it has come on nicely after I got the irrigation working and watered them.

And this week we will be harvesting the over winter lettuce, that I thought would never survive the winter, but Tamar seeds said it would, but they are from Cornwall, its just a wee bit warmer down there, and I thought it would never survive our winter.

And throughout the winter, the lettuce was hit by a lot of very severe frosts, and when I looked in it was all wilted and lying down.

But as soon as a wee bit of heat came back, up it stood looking bright and happy.

So, I have been proved very wrong, and it is looking great.

Last week I started preparing three tunnels, we now have a very lot of plants just about ready for planting, in the tunnels.

If I don’t have them planted before the easter holidays, Erin and Calum are going to be very busy on their school holidays.

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