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18th January

Well I haven’t wrote a weekly story of what’s going on at the farm for a couple of weeks.

The reason is, I have a new job as a teacher, to Erin and Calum’s great delight.

So I am only in in the mornings to bark out the orders of the day, to Rab and Nick’s great delight.

Erin is one of those strange people that really loves school work and home work, so she is doing the school work pretty much by herself.

Calum on the other hand will do it and can, but like me there is always something far more interesting to get done, so we aren’t a great mix together.

I have to remind myself that if he says, Dad I can’t be bothered, I don’t quickly say neither can I lets go for a walk, luckily, I have Erin to remind me, we do need to do his seesaw school work for the day and post it on the computer,( Erin does that bit for me).

In the field we have, (well I say we but I’m not involved) Rab and Nick have been having a harder than usual time with the harvesting, as soon as we came back to work after the Christmas holidays, the ground and the veg has been frozen or covered in snow, this makes harvesting take way longer than usual.

The leeks are the hardest to harvest, we are now having to spade them out of the frozen ground one at a time, we usually harvest and dress around 800 leeks every day, and it’s pretty quick when we can just pull them then dress them. But digging each one and trying to pull of the outer couple of frozen leaves is pretty time consuming.

As Jacqui had said last week, I have ordered all the seasons seeds already, which is super early, but I was worried that we might come across problem with covid and Brexit.

Last year I did struggle to get some seeds when covid appeared, so I was wanting to be really prepared, usually we don’t start sowing the seeds till February, but we will do a wee bit in the next week, and get them in the heated Greenhouse, these seeds will be for planting in the tunnels.

Well as you can probably notice, my new teaching role probably hasn’t improved my spelling, grammar and punctuation, So Erin and Calum might not get full marks on that subject, but if they get homework in welding, building sorting machines and driving tractors they will be top of the class.

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