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February 11th 2019

With the weather last week being a bit milder, the first job that was needing done, was to water all the trays that Rab had sown with seeds.

After we have sown the seeds through the machine, each tray gets a sprinkle of fermiculite, this keeps in the moisture, and help’s the seeds to germinate.

But the temperature was well bellow zero when these trays were sown, so we had to move them straight into the tunnel unwatered.

This week we will be sowing our Onion seeds, also in trays, we have fifty thousand normal onions, and fifty thousand red onions, and hopefully the remaining forty thousand early leek seeds will arrive, they seem to have taken a wee detour on the way to the farm.

The weather this winter has been dry, but cold, and it’s very noticeable in the mountains, I had Erin and Calum out skiing at Glenshee last Sunday.  It’s February, and the hills just have a very thin covering of snow.

Inside the tunnels the plants that we planted for over winter are looking really good, and don’t seem to have been affected by the week of temperatures dropping to a low of minus 10.

This week’s work will be mostly blocking seeds, for Rab, Erin and Calum are of school from Wednesday, so hopefully we will get some more skiing in.

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