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March 4th

I had a wee walk through the winter Cauliflower this week, and they are looking Braw, I had to peel back a few leaves, but the cauliflower is looking good.

We should be harvesting them in a couple of weeks.

This week after harvesting it all about getting the tunnels ready.

First job was getting tunnel five ready for the onions and leeks trays to go in after they are blocked.

First job was strimming the sides, yes, the weeds are growing in there now.

Then rotovate and roll the ground to get it nice and flat.

Finally, we lay terminate down, then its all ready for the trays to be laid out.

With the onions and leeks, we will have one thousand one hundred and eighty trays laid out in the tunnel, and that is just the start, we will have brassicas to follow.

With that done it was the job of putting all the sprinklers back on, five hundred and seventy sprinklers to be put back in, lots of up and downs,

Good job for practising squats.

Then it was re connecting the water pump, bleeding it, and testing.

We always blow pipes with the first rush of water going into the system.

That is normal after the winter.

Finaly after three blown pipes re glued, the system was irrigating and working just Braw.

We will have a few more blown pipes in the next few weeks, any weak points at the joints will blow, then it should be fine.

With that all done, we moved the fifty thousand blocked onions from the small tunnel over to their new home in tunnel five, that was three hundred and forty-seven trays.

This cleared up space in the small tunnel, which we re filled with trays from the greenhouse that have germinated.

I think in two weeks we will be planting, Spinach, Ruby chard, lettuce, Kohl Rabi, and Spring cabbage, they have all come on in the small tunnel, and the spring onions will be next.


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