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Last year we started  harvesting our sweetcorn on 9th of September, so we are going to be a full month later this year, so that goes to show that this years summer has been lacking in sunny days, as if we didn't know.

For the last two weeks we have been putting  Spaghetti Squash in the netts.

We still have everyone's favourite squash to harvest the Uchiki Kuri but we are going to make you all wait, they are ready, but if you can't wait you can add one onto your order. 

But this week we are going to give you all a taste of the Crown prince squash, we grew a wee bit last year and its pretty good so this year we have enough for everyone to taste, this squash has a steely blue skin and inside it has a rich orange flesh the flavour is sweet and nutty, so we hope you enjoy this one.

We also have a few more varieties this year just to spice up tour Squash tasting season along with the three types i'v already spoke off we also have sown, Bon Bon this squash is Dark green outer and again orange flesh this has a sweet flavour, next we have sown, Blue Kuri squash this has a blue grey skin and again deep orange flesh and is very sweet,nutty flavour, and last is Cha Cha this Squash is similar looking to bon bon but has a flatter top and again dark green in colour and orange flesh this cooks up dry and flaky and is again very sweet.


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