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 the Halloween pumpkins haven’t faired so well with our up and down summer weather, we planted 1600 plants and this week it was time to get them cut and put into the tunnel to ripen up.                                                                   There is three weeks before they start to go out, and with a pumpkin, after cutting them and storing them stalk down for at least a couple of weeks they start to ripen up and get sweeter, also if they aren’t orange they will start to turn orange, and pumpkins hate the frost so taking them out of the field helps to keep them away from jack frost who is keeking round the corner right now.
Well after a day of cutting, carrying to the trailer then lifting them out and laying them on pallets we have a total count of 850, pretty poor but not surprising with the year we have had, but they are massive, this year we have a Pumpkin that weighs in at 32 kilo I have a photo of it on face book.
The Squash crops all seem to be pretty much as good as previous years, It can only be that we planted them about 4 weeks later this year because we were waiting for the ground to dry out so I could bedform it for planting them.
The sweetcorn again last week I was saying that there are plenty of cobs but needing some sunshine and a wee bit of heat to ripen them up, well the got a wee bit last week and yes they are almost ready, again I have posted a photo of these on facebook.
In this weeks nett there is a orange squash and its one of the tastiest the Uchiki kuri, there is loads of ways to cook this one and has a nutty flavour.
One of the jobs for this week is to get some ploughing done if it stays dry then bed form some beds and get broad beans planted they will then sit through the winter and should be a great refreshing harvest for the netts around April next year.

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