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Weekly Update

Well its been another week of beautiful sunny warm weather with thunder storms thrown in just to keep the ground wet, the temperatures are going from 20 degrees one day to 13 the next and this has been going on since June, we were hoping August would have come along with a long period of dry weather but its looking like its going to happen (yes that’s the same as the start to last weeks newsletter) and the weather hasn’t changed atoll.

With the tunnels planted last week and the ones we blocked not ready to plant we had to try and get on with weeding the leeks in the field, usually I would go through the crops with the grubber or the brush weeder first to make the weeding easier and faster, but the ground has been so wet and isn’t getting a chance to dry out so we had to make a start, we did get six 200 meter beds weeded and all going well we could have finished half of the weeding with only four days this week and we would be done, but it was no good with not getting in with the brush weedier we were pulling out too many leeks with the weeds so we had to stop, hopefully this week we will get a couple of dry days and I will get over the whole crop then we can get the bed weeding finished fingers crossed, luckily its been good growing weather for the plants too so they are looking good in amongst the weeds but we do need to weed them.

So at the end of last week we spent strimming round the tunnels and cutting the crass round the apple trees and the bigger areas with the topper on the fergie(topper is like a huge lawnmower).

So the tunnels are looking nice and pristine, just need to get the field looking the same.


This weeks markets : Glasgow - Byres Road

In the £13.00 goodie bag this week : Mango, pepper, chestnut mushrooms, butternut squash, tomatoes, garlic and celery.

Extras available, just call or e mail to add to your order;

Mango, pineapple, red grapefruit, blueberries, Watermelon, , garlic, ginger, turmeric, sweet potatoes, bitternut squash, peppers, mushrooms, cucumber, aubergine, avocados, lemons, fennel.

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