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Weekly update

The weather this week has been a wee bit more settled, with no massive downpours of rain that we have been having every week from almost the start of May. but its a sure sign summer is over with temperatures at night right down in single figures, frost will soon be on its way for harvesting in the mornings.

A few crops we have been keeping a eye on over the last few moths are the Sweetcorn and Pumpkin crops.

Last year we had a great year with our trial crop of Sweetcorn, so this year we grew a extra 1000 bringing the total sown to 3000, but they are a wee bit behind, there are plenty cobs on each plant and they are almost ready if we could get a few days in a row with some hot weather we will have a great crop, so fingers crossed.

The Pumpkin and Squash crops do look like they are pretty good, its always a struggle to seen how they are producing as the plants have huge leaves and its really hard to see whats going on, but now with the drop in temperature at night the leaves are dying of and we can now see there is a lot of Pumpkins there.

We have now started harvesting the Spaghetti Pumpkins and everyones favourite the Uchi kuri will be next.

This year we have sown a couple of new ones just to give a wee bit of variety these are Crown prince, Bon bon, Blue kuri and Butternutt so it will be interesting to get some feedback on the taste of these.


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