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Caramelized cabbage & onion

This is a very easy and delicious way to cook your cabbage.


 3 tbsp butter

1 white onion diced                                                                                                                          ¼ cup garlic, whole or crushed cloves, skin off

1 cabbage sliced into strips

1 tsp salt


1 : Heat the butter in a large pan on a low heat

2 : Add the diced onions and cook till soft about 4 min

3 : Add the garlic to the pan and again cook until soft about 3 min

4 : Then add the cabbage and mix it in well so its coated in the butter.

5 : Season with the salt.

6 : Let the cabbage reduce by about half around 10 min, stirring occasionally.

7 : Serve and enjoy


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