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Leek Tart recipe

Tarts are easy and fast to make. You can eat them cold or warm, and the smell of leeks cooking is fantastic.


400g sliced leeks

3 tablespoons of white wine

2 eggs

250ml of cream

100g of grated chees

1 short crust pastry



1: Fry the leeks for 10 min, then add the white wine and fry for another 10 min, stiring regularly and reserve.

2 : Pr heat the oven to 240 oc

3 : Mix cream, eggs, grated cheese and pepper in a mixing bowl.

4 : put the pastry in a pie plate.

5: Pour the leeks on top of the pastry and cover with cheese, cream and egg mix.

6 : Bake for 10 min. reduce the heat to 220 oc and bake for a further 20 min.

7 : then serve.

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