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  • 1st June

     Last week we had two surprises one in the tractor and one in the planter.

    The First was a bird’s nest at the back of the tractor, it has four eggs in it.

    A couple of years...

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  • 25th May

    Last week we had a couple of scorchers of days, both days the temperature was around 24. Inside the tunnels it was at the top of the temperature gauge, that reads 50 degrees, so we don’t really...

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  • 18th May

    It’s been a busy week of planting.

    We got all the different varieties of cabbages planted, a total of thirty five thousand, these we will start to harvest from around April, and the hardy...

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  • 11th May


     Its been a nice long spell of warm dry weather and we are up to date on the planting.

    We are actually ahead of last year at this point with the planting in the field.


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