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  • 29th September

    I have been saying over the last few weeks that we were going to get the tunnels re planted with over winter crops, and we have at last finally got two tunnels re planted each have a total of seven...

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  • 22nd October

    A braw looking crop of autumn squash still available in the field 

    Spaghetti squash, Crown Prince, Cha Cha,  Bon Bon, Marina di Chiogga, Musquee di provence, Uchiki kuri and one mystery...

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  • 15th October

    I had great plans at the start of last week to get two tunnels rotavated and planted, and it all started well until in the second tunnel then bang the rotavator stopped.
    So up to the shed and...

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  • 8th October

    As you can see from your deliveries last week we have started harvesting the Pumpkins, the crop is looking really good this year, but we are already seeing some starting to rot in the field, this is...

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