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  • 30th May

    Last week we did get the onions planted.

    One problem we were having, was getting three people to go on the planting machine, it was getting a bit worrying.

    But right at the last minute...

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  • 23rd May

    At long last the onions and leeks are ready, and big enough, that we can start planting them out in the field.

    So the plan for this week, is to get out in the field and get the planting under...

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  • 16th May

    This week I got all the beetroot and swede seeds sown.

    We always leave them until May to direct sow in the field, when we get to May the soil temperature should be higher and the seeds will germinate...

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  • 9th May

    There has been a job that has been in the back of my mind for a few months now, and it was needing looked at.

    I have been looking at buying a camera guided weeding machine for the fields, for...

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  • 2nd May

    This week I went to the job of replacing the bed former blades, it’s not the best job in the world, so one job I have kept putting off, there are 68 blades to be removed and replaced, each nut...

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