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  • 26th February

    Last week we made a start on blocking the onions, we only have twenty thousand of the fifty thousand seeds in, the rest will be in by the end of the week.

    We always do the onions first, followed...

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  • 19th February

    Last week the 10 thousand spring onion seeds arriving, half red and half normal.

    So, we got them blocked and stacked in the greenhouse.

    Before we would never have got 10 thousand seeds...

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  • 12th February

    The seeds we had blocked have now germinated.

    So far, we have, spring cabbage, Ruby chard and spinach blocked they were all put in the greenhouse.

    It is only a 6 foot by 4-foot greenhouse...

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  • 5th February

    Another week, and more storms.

    On Wednesday we got hit with another storm, have not got a clue of this one’s name.

    On last week’s newsletter I had been talking about the two...

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