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  • 3rd April

    This week we got almost all the squash plants blocked.

    Again this is earlier than I would usually do them, so fingers crossed we don’t get hit with a severe frost.

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  • 27th March

    Last week we got a lot of planting done in the tunnels.

    All the spring cabbage, Kohl rabi, lettuce and ruby chard are all planted.

    But we have had to fleece them, this week there is forecast...

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  • 20th March

    Our early start to blocking the seeds looks like it has paid off.

    We started all the seeds, a month earlier than we usually would, this will hopefully get us off to an earlier start in the season...

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  • 6th March

    We had an extra couple off workers this week, Erin and Calum were at work with the schools being off, which gave us an extra couple of workers.

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