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  • 29th July

    In April I had Mustard and clover sown in the top of the field, this part of the field is get left as set aside this year, which is part of our crop rotation.

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  • 22nd July

    This week we are going to start harvesting our own onions, with them being early, we will leave most of the leaf on, remember you can use the leaf for cooking, so don’t through it out.

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  • 15th July

    At long last the courgettes have started to come on really fast and should be in the nets weekly, another crop that we should be harvesting daily is the Cucumbers, they need constant work now with tying...

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  • 8th July

    The Cucumbers are a weekly job from now till around September, they need their side shoots cut of and tied up every week, they grow at a amazing rate, but with school holidays and bed weeding well under...

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  • 1st July

    With the weather last week at long last getting over 20, it has brought on all the crops.

    Everything has just been sitting in limbo, with the hot then cold and wet.  The cucumbers, have...

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