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  • 28th February

    That’s been another week of interesting weather.

    Winds again, rain, whiteout snow conditions and frost.

    None of that really helped us get those tunnels re sheeted and the new one...

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  • 21st February

    Over the past few Months/weeks we have had Barra, Corrie, Dudley and Eunice posted that they are going to come in for a visit.

    Barra just came in for a quick visit, but couldn’t stay long...

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  • 14th February

    It has been a busy week clearing up all the bent tunnel hoops, repairing what we can and prepping three tunnels to be ready for re sheeting.

    I have ordered a new tunnel to replace the wrecked...

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  • 7th February


    Well we have had a very interesting and expensive week.

    Last weekend we were away at Inveraray for Jacqui’s birthday weekend, all good so far.

    Saturday morning I got...

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