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  • 1st July

     Another week of mixed weather, tail end of the week was windy and cold, lucky we have all the squash plants under a nice cosy fleece.

    I have talked before about brassicas plants, and how...

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  • 24th June

    This week’s newsletter might not be the best one I have ever done.

    Its Sunday night 7.30pm and the Scotland game is not far away from starting.

    Last week’s work did not go...

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  • 17th June

    Last week at long last managed we managed to get the last of the squash plants planted.

    We now only have the over winter crops to go in.

    We will plant a few thousand late cabbages next...

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  • 10th June

    At the end of last week’s newsletter, I was on about trying to get the mulch film put down so we could get started planting the squash plants.

    I had been waiting from Wednesday that week...

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  • 3rd June

    Bellfield stories at this time of the year always start off with the weather of the week.

    Most of our work at this time of the year, is revolved around field work.

    If it is to wet then...

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