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  • 28th November

    It has been another week of rain, luckily not quite as much as last week so no flooding.

    So most of the produce we are harvesting is covered in mud, but the benefit of it being so wet is that...

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  • 21st November

    It has been a very wet week, luckily we do all the harvesting with a vintage Ferie 135 and the compact Siroma, both have no cabs and both 2 wheel drive, but even with trailers there is very little weight.


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  • 14th November

    Thats been another week of unseasonably warm weather, 16 degrees most days, the weeds in the tunnels are still growing, and this week we will need to do a bit of weeding in there.

    All the main...

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  • 7th november

    Last week we had our soil association inspection.

    We get inspected every year, and they go through every detail of what we buy in.

    We must have certificates for any produce we buy,...

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