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  • 1st October

    The seeds that we blocked over a month ago, are looking fantastic and will be needing planted pretty soon, the only problem we might have is that the tunnels are still full of produce.

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  • 24th September

    Last week we all got hit with the first big storm of the year, and it was a strong one the Tay bridge was hit with a gust of 102mph,
    We did get plenty of warning it was coming so on Monday afternoon...

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  • 17th September

    This year we have been hit with the white butterfly again, and they love brassicas, the long hot dry summer has has been great for them, so last week I had a wee walk through the crops to see what they...

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  • 10th September

    Last week we Rotovated then rolled two two tunnels and planted two thousand five hundred lettuce, three thousand five hundred red Kohl Rabi and half a bed of flat Parsley about three thousand plants,...

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  • 3rd September

    It was a busy week last week getting ready then setting up for the Dundee Flower show.
    We have been doing Dundee Flower show for many years, and although it isn't very good for us selling produce...

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