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  • 31st May

    Well I’m really glad to see the end of May, and the weather it has thrown at us.

    Last week we had a week of downpours in between the sunshine.

    By the end of the week the field was...

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  • 24th May

    Last week we almost got a full week of dry weather, so we managed to get on with more planting in the field.

    It’s been a very frustrating stop, start to the planting season this year.

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  • 17th May



    This weeks story starts of on a very sad note.

    Last week we lost our very loyal and loving companion Freoch our fifteen year old border collie.

    She had a great...

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  • 10th May

    Weather, Weather, Weather, it’s a complete headache this year.

    We have had all the brassicas, red onions and normal onions, outside getting hardened of ready to be planted for two weeks...

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