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  • 1st May

    This week we started taking the Brassicas and Onions out of the tunnel.

    They need to be out for at least a week, to get hardened off before we plant them in the field.

    Although they have...

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  • 24th April


    With the new tunnel yet to be sheeted, I was still waiting for a day of no wind.

    And on Monday morning we arrived at work with no wind.

    Quickly we pulled the polythene out...

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  • 17th April

    Last weeks job was getting all the tunnels hand weeded.

    The temperatures in the tunnels have got quite warm over the last couple of weeks and the crops are growing nicely.

    With Erin and...

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  • 10th April

    Last week there was a wee bit of heat during the day, with temperatures reaching double figures.

    And this heated up the tunnels nicely.

    Most of the plants that have been planted in the...

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