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  • 27th May

    Another good start to the week with nice dry weather, finishing of with the end of the week pouring with rain yet again.

    But we did get nearly all off the late leeks planted.

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  • 20th May

     It has been a great week of weather and work.

    We now have all the cucumbers in and two hundred and fifty courgettes in the tunnel.

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  • 13th May

    After last week and getting all the brassicas planted, I thought that was us on the way to getting the planting season fully on its way.

    But Sunday night and in came more heavy rain.

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  • 6th May

    What a change with a bit of heat one week makes.

    By the end of last week, we had all the brassica’s plants out of the tunnel.

    A total of twenty-nine thousand plants, all sitting...

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