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  • April 29th

    With a wee bit of heat this week, the blocked plants in the tunnels have shot on.

    They are not all needing to go outside to harden of just yet, but the spring Cabbage, savoy cabbage, kale and...

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  • 22nd April


     At long last the weather has changed.

    The high-pressure weather system did arrive, bringing dry weather and wind ye ha.

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  • 15th April


    That has been another week of sunshine and heavy showers.

    At least the heat has got up a wee bit and the tunnel crops are coming on.

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  • 8th April

    We are now playing a waiting game with the weather.

    It has been wet and the field is really soaking wet.

    We have had another week of rain, plus on Friday morning we had a dump of snow.


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