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  • 29th April


    Last week we were lucky and the weather stayed dry, and we got started planting out in the field, we got all the red onions planted, and made a start on the white onions, so we managed...

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  • 22nd April

    Well its been a week of fantastic weather, with temperatures reaching 23 by Friday, and over the weekend, and the crops in the tunnels are thriving, this week we will be harvesting our over winter trial...

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  • 15th April

    This week the weather stayed nice and dry, and I have now got all the field Grubbed, and then over it again with the triple K,  it’s now nice level and smooth, and is now ready to be bedformed.


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  • 8th April

    The heater in the greenhouse is still working well, this week it was 6 degrees outside, and in the greenhouse it was a cosy 18, we now have two hundred French beans sown, and in the greenhouse.

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