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  • 7th november

    Last week we had our soil association inspection.

    We get inspected every year, and they go through every detail of what we buy in.

    We must have certificates for any produce we buy,...

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  • 31st October

    There has been no newsletter over the last two weeks, it has been a tad busy with come and pick your own pumpkins at the farm.

    This year we done it over two weekends, in the past we have only...

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  • 10th October


    That’s all the pumpkins in of off the field, we have one thousand six hundred.

    Last year we had over two thousand.

    This year’s pumpkin seeds all came from Tamar...

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  • 3rd October

    Last week we started cutting the pumpkins and lying them out.

    Pumpkins cut straight of the plant are usually green, and if you are wanting them to eat and not carve, they wouldn’t be the...

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  • 26th September

     It’s come round to the time of the year for squash plants.

    It was a very warm year for them which they love, but pretty much zero rain for most of the summer.

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  • 12th September

    This week we started our carrots, first time we have ever sown them.

    They are a wee bit later than carrots would usually be ready.

    But two things are the reason for that, one it was such...

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  • 5th September

    With all the weeding in the field finished, and the Schools back.                                          ...

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  • 29th August

    It is a sure sign of summer finishing and the start of Autumn, when the squash crops are ready

    The squash crops are one crop,  that you cannot see how the crop is doing without walking through...

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  • 22nd August

    At the beginning of this year I bought an air drill carrot machine.

    I have been looking for one for a few years, as carrot seed is very fine, and can only be sown with an air seeder.

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  • 15th August


    It’s the last week of the school holidays. And there are a few jobs that I have been waiting to finish of when Erin and Calum were back at school.

    One was to finish of the...

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