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  • 23rd October

    Our pumpkin picking on Sunday went well, and we were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny all day and no wind.

    The big downside was we did not have enough pumpkins.

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  • 16th October

    It is Pumpkin time again.                                                                                                               As...

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  • 9th October

    At this time of the year the tunnels are starting to slow down, and we are replacing the empty tunnels with veg that will sit through the winter, and give us an early crop.

    Just over a month...

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  • Enter Title Here

    Over the summer holidays when Erin and Calum were at the farm, we had a visit from the Courier.

    The Courier is the local paper for Perthshire and fife.

    They were out to do an article on...

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  • 25th September

    The purple sprouting broccoli, is producing an amazing harvest, that is the second week we have easily managed to harvest enough for all the nets.

    And with four different varieties, it is looking...

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  • 18th September

    The purple sprouting broccoli, did come on quicker than I thought last week, and we managed to harvest eight crates every day.

    It has come on much quicker than expected, I was looking at it being...

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  • 11th september

     What a change in the weather this week.

    Most of July and August were not what wee or the tunnels are used to, and the cucumber tunnel felt it.

    Usually through July and August we...

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  • 4th September

    September is here, Autum is on its way, and usually squash harvesting time.

    But as I have said, this year’s squash crop has been a disaster, with the result of the long and very warm dry...

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  • 28th August

    At last, the payments are working on the website, now we have had to change card provider, so if you were previously ordering on the website, what you will have to do is cancel your present order and...

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  • 21st August

     Last week I was talking about the winter Cailiflower and purple sprouting broccoli.

    And that at this time of the year, the bed weeder would usually be getting put to bed in the shed and...

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