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  • 5th February

    Another week, and more storms.

    On Wednesday we got hit with another storm, have not got a clue of this one’s name.

    On last week’s newsletter I had been talking about the two...

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  • 29th January

     Last week was a week of tunnel watching.

    Two storms came over the whole of the country.

    One on Sunday night into Monday morning, and the second on Tuesday night and well into Wednesday.

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  • 22nd January


    Last week I had talked about building a new tunnel.

    This tunnel is only going to have bird netting as a cover not polythene.

    I am going to use it only for taking the blocked...

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  • 15th January

    Last year we blocked winter Lettuce and Chinese cabbage and planted them in the two tunnels that we had free, the other tunnels have broad beans and spring cabbage in them.

    We have tried in the...

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  • 20th November


    Not much to write about this week, other than it has been wet again.

    There are a few field jobs, we do need to get done, but the moisture is stopping any of that happening.


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  • 13th November

    The crops that we planted in the tunnels around a month and a half ago are looking good.

    The winter lettuce, which I thought would be a gamble this far north from the seed company (Cornwall)...

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  • 6th November

    Last weekends farmers market at Perth was very entertaining to say the least.

    Erin and Calum came into the market with me, they have been in to the Perth market with me before, its only 15 minutes...

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  • 23rd October

    Our pumpkin picking on Sunday went well, and we were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny all day and no wind.

    The big downside was we did not have enough pumpkins.

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  • 16th October

    It is Pumpkin time again.                                                                                                               As...

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  • 9th October

    At this time of the year the tunnels are starting to slow down, and we are replacing the empty tunnels with veg that will sit through the winter, and give us an early crop.

    Just over a month...

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