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  • 17th July

    We just got back from our holidays, and there was a job on the too do list straight away, and this was to get ground bedformed and plant the twenty thousand over winter Cauliflower, that we have sitting...

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  • 3rd July

    This week I am writing this from Bude in Cornwall.

    This is the first summer holiday we have ever had, usually we go away in the October holidays and over Christmas, as it is not too busy on the...

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  • 26th June

    The weather has been a bit better for the plants this week.

    At long last we have had some rain, and with the heat the plants are coming on great, all the brassicas are looking fantastic, we have...

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  • June 19th

    I will start again with, another week of great weather.

    This week almost every afternoon we had temperatures hitting 30.

    And still no rain, well we had a wee bit on Sunday morning, but...

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  • 12th June

    The great weather has continued, and everything is planted.

    I direct sowed yellow carrots last week, and finished the very last small amount of squash plants that were left to be planted.


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  • 5th June

    With the great weather last week again, we got ready for planting the squash plants.

    But before I could start on the squash plants, I had to get the Carrots direct sown,

    These are now...

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  • 29th May

    It has been another week of really good warm weather.

    So, we managed to get all the onions planted and the swede direct sown.

    As soon as the swede was sown, we fleeced it straight away...

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  • 22nd May

    The good weather held up all week, and we were planting every day.

    We now have all the brassicas, early and late leeks planted, and next week hopefully, weather permitting, by Wednesday, we should...

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  • 15th May

    It has been a good week of Weather with some nice dry warm weather.

    This helped us to get all the brassicas planted.

    We now have all the Cabbages, Kale and Brussel sprouts planted, a total...

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  • 8th May

    By the end of last week, the tunnels at long last have started to heat up.

    And what a difference a wee bit of heat has made.

    The spinach, rhubi chard, spring cabbage and lettuce have shot...

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