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  • 11th september

     What a change in the weather this week.

    Most of July and August were not what wee or the tunnels are used to, and the cucumber tunnel felt it.

    Usually through July and August we...

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  • 4th September

    September is here, Autum is on its way, and usually squash harvesting time.

    But as I have said, this year’s squash crop has been a disaster, with the result of the long and very warm dry...

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  • 28th August

    At last, the payments are working on the website, now we have had to change card provider, so if you were previously ordering on the website, what you will have to do is cancel your present order and...

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  • 21st August

     Last week I was talking about the winter Cailiflower and purple sprouting broccoli.

    And that at this time of the year, the bed weeder would usually be getting put to bed in the shed and...

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  • 14th August


    There is not a lot to write about this week.

    It has been quite a quiet week.

    We planted five thousand Kohl Rabi out in the field on Tuesday, these were supposed to be getting...

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  • 7th August

    As I was saying last week, I needed to bedform another three beds to finish of planting the purple sprouting broccoli.

    For those that have not read last week’s news.

    I had beformed...

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  • 31st July

    This week I bed formed more ground, for the purple sprouting broccoli.

    With all the over winter cauliflower planted, it was just the purple sprouting broccoli needing planted.

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  • 24th July

    Last week we did manage to get the last of the over winter cauliflowers planted and fleeced, with Erin and Calum of on the school holidays, its helping us get planting done and keep the bed weeder going...

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  • 17th July

    We just got back from our holidays, and there was a job on the too do list straight away, and this was to get ground bedformed and plant the twenty thousand over winter Cauliflower, that we have sitting...

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  • 3rd July

    This week I am writing this from Bude in Cornwall.

    This is the first summer holiday we have ever had, usually we go away in the October holidays and over Christmas, as it is not too busy on the...

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