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  • 26th November

    Finally we have all the tunnels re planted with the over winter crops, that will hopefully give us a nice fresh harvest early next year.
    We started rotovating the first tunnel on the 15th of October...

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  • 19th November

    At long last we have got the Cucumber tunnel emptied the ground cover matting for the Cucumbers lifted then we got the soil grubbed, rotovated and rolled then made a start on planting the rest of the...

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  • 12th September

    As you can see from the photo the Pak Choi we planted in the tunnel on the 10th of October is coming on fantastic.
    It has had some braw warm weather but also a few nights of below zero, we had...

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  • 5th September

    As I was saying last week we were going to start harvesting the brussels, and yes we started and on Monday morning it was minus 5 in the field, Pretty cold for tackling the brussel sprouts.

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  • 29th September

    I have been saying over the last few weeks that we were going to get the tunnels re planted with over winter crops, and we have at last finally got two tunnels re planted each have a total of seven...

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  • 22nd October

    A braw looking crop of autumn squash still available in the field 

    Spaghetti squash, Crown Prince, Cha Cha,  Bon Bon, Marina di Chiogga, Musquee di provence, Uchiki kuri and one mystery...

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  • 15th October

    I had great plans at the start of last week to get two tunnels rotavated and planted, and it all started well until in the second tunnel then bang the rotavator stopped.
    So up to the shed and...

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  • 8th October

    As you can see from your deliveries last week we have started harvesting the Pumpkins, the crop is looking really good this year, but we are already seeing some starting to rot in the field, this is...

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  • 1st October

    The seeds that we blocked over a month ago, are looking fantastic and will be needing planted pretty soon, the only problem we might have is that the tunnels are still full of produce.

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  • 24th September

    Last week we all got hit with the first big storm of the year, and it was a strong one the Tay bridge was hit with a gust of 102mph,
    We did get plenty of warning it was coming so on Monday afternoon...

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