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  • 8th July

    The Cucumbers are a weekly job from now till around September, they need their side shoots cut of and tied up every week, they grow at a amazing rate, but with school holidays and bed weeding well under...

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  • 1st July

    With the weather last week at long last getting over 20, it has brought on all the crops.

    Everything has just been sitting in limbo, with the hot then cold and wet.  The cucumbers, have...

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  • 24th June

    We have been waiting for a couple of weeks to take fleece of off the Brassicas crops.

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  • 17th June

    We have had sixty thousand Winter bandit leeks, sitting waiting for around four weeks to get planted, and ten thousand Squash plants also been needing a break in the weather, so they can get planted.

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  • 10th June


    Last weekend brought more rain, and by Monday Morning the fields were still wet, but with the Leeks and Squash plants really needing planted, I had no option but to try and bedform wet...

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  • 3rd June

    Sunday was a wet day, which left the field a wee bit damp for us on Monday morning.

    The plan for the week had been to bedform ground, we still have sixty thousand leeks and ten thousand courgettes...

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  • 27th May

    The Cucumbers that we got planted earlier than usual this year have flowers on them already, it was a wee trial, as we had been given the greenhouse, so we managed to bring them on one month earlier...

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  • 20th May

    Last week the weather was nice and dry and we managed to get all the brassicas plants planted, and fleeced, the fleece has two jobs, one is to help the plants get off to a good start, by giving them...

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  • 13th May


     Last week the weather wasn’t the best, with morning temperatures of 2 degrees and rain, but with us well on the way with planting out in the field, it was a great chance to...

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  • 6th May

     Last week was a week of planting, planting and more planting, the weather luckily had turned dry after a wet weekend,

    Which was great for the onions that we have already planted.

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