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  • 25th March

    On the 4th of March I was talking about the Leeks had germinated, and were coming on well.

    We have now blocked off all the Leeks and Onion seeds, a total of two hundred and forty thousand seeds,...

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  • 11th March

    In last week’s newsletter, I was talking about hand weeding the tunnels, and no matter how much hoeing you do, we always have to hand weed, and with the heat of the tunnels, and the constant watering,...

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  • 4th February

     Last week I had been talking about seed germination, and that the Leeks and onion seed’s take forever to germinate. Well with all the unseasonal temperatures that we have been having, some...

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  • February 25th

     As I was saying last week, we have loads of seeds in trays that have germinated, and would be needing some water, I did get the pump re located after our pump shed got flattened, and all the tunnels...

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  • February 18th

     Not a lot of  news for this week’s newsletter, as I was off with Erin and Calum on Wednesday and Thursday with school Holidays.

    So on Wednesday, we made the most of the poor...

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  • February 11th 2019


    With the weather last week being a bit milder, the first job that was needing done, was to water all the trays that Rab had sown with seeds.

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  • February 4th 2019

     Its been another cold week, with temperatures at the end of the week going down to minus 10, but it’s been windless, and sunny, braw for working outside in.

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  • 28th January

     It was another nice fresh and dry week with the temperature dropping to minus 7 on Wednesday, luckily we had picked enough leeks in advance because I knew they would be frozen if the weather was...

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  • 21st January

    Last week was another dry week and the temperatures have been frosty in the mornings good for the newly ploughed ground.

    And last week we had hoped to have blocked of the twenty thousand seeds...

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  • 14th January

    2019 has started warm and dry unusual at this time of the year, and I started ploughing the field which is as dry as it would be in springtime.2019 has started warm and dry unusual at this time of the...

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