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  • February 4th 2019

     Its been another cold week, with temperatures at the end of the week going down to minus 10, but it’s been windless, and sunny, braw for working outside in.

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  • 28th January

     It was another nice fresh and dry week with the temperature dropping to minus 7 on Wednesday, luckily we had picked enough leeks in advance because I knew they would be frozen if the weather was...

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  • 21st January

    Last week was another dry week and the temperatures have been frosty in the mornings good for the newly ploughed ground.

    And last week we had hoped to have blocked of the twenty thousand seeds...

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  • 14th January

    2019 has started warm and dry unusual at this time of the year, and I started ploughing the field which is as dry as it would be in springtime.2019 has started warm and dry unusual at this time of the...

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  • 17th December

    This weeks news letter is again all about the Christmas Deliveries.

    And we wish everyone a happy Christmas.

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  • 10th December

    With Christmas deliveries fast approaching, we are keeping the next two blogs nice and simple and only putting in what, and when the deliveries will be.

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  • 3rd December

    Over the last few newsletters I have been on about getting the tunnels rotovated and planted with over winter crops.
    All the plants that we have planted are growing well, But the Pak Choy is getting...

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  • 26th November

    Finally we have all the tunnels re planted with the over winter crops, that will hopefully give us a nice fresh harvest early next year.
    We started rotovating the first tunnel on the 15th of October...

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  • 19th November

    At long last we have got the Cucumber tunnel emptied the ground cover matting for the Cucumbers lifted then we got the soil grubbed, rotovated and rolled then made a start on planting the rest of the...

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  • 12th September

    As you can see from the photo the Pak Choi we planted in the tunnel on the 10th of October is coming on fantastic.
    It has had some braw warm weather but also a few nights of below zero, we had...

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