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  • 1st Febraury

    Last week as you would have noticed, the leeks were cut at the bottom rather than just the roots cut off as they should be.

    But after a wee bit of warmer weather and rain then the temperature...

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  • 24th January

    With me needing to get home, for around 10 am each morning to start my second job as a teacher, my mornings are spent on maintenance and repairs, and planning the weeks work for Rab and Nick, after...

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  • 18th January

    Well I haven’t wrote a weekly story of what’s going on at the farm for a couple of weeks.

    The reason is, I have a new job as a teacher, to Erin and Calum’s great delight.


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  • 23rd November

    This years growing season has produced a lot of huge vegetables.

    It all started with a really warm dry April and May, this had us worried at the start, that it was so dry and warm that the veg...

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  • 16th November


    We are almost in mid-November and the weather has been very mild and wet, the field is like a paddy field, we have some crops that have been harvested, and usually we go though them with...

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  • 9th November


     Last week we at long last got our new implement shed finished.

    Well it’s not actually a new shed, it’s a shed made up of  reclaimed wood from our wind break,...

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  • 26th October

    Last Sunday we had our first ever Pick your own pumpkin day.

    Usually we grow pumpkins for just going out with our deliveries.

    But this year the vans are all fully loaded with crates, and...

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  • 19th October

    Its Pumpkin time again, and we have had a great crop, with loads of huge pumpkins.

    Usually every year we would give everyone a pumpkin over the next two weeks.

    But this year is a wee bit...

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  • 5th October

    Last week, after we had all the harvesting done, we started work on the new shed we are building, most days we can’t get started on it till after 12, with all the harvesting that is needing done.


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  • 28th September

    Last week we started taking down the old wind break, I built a 15-meter-high wind break eight years ago, it was 200 meters in length, and was braced for the strong west winds that we constantly get,...

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