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  • 21st September

    We are now well into squash season now, and all the squash are looking pretty good.

    We were a wee bit worried at the start of the year when we planted them, they got of to a very warm start,...

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  • 7th September

    One of the smelliest jobs on the farm is spreading the waste veg.

    We have a small one tonne dung spreader, we don’t us this for spreading the hen pen at the start of the year, because it...

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  • 24th August

    This year has been a year of fantastic growth in all the crops, the warm and wet weather we have been having after the very dry warm May, has brought everything on.

    Every year we grow Hungarian...

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  • 17th August


    Well that’s the kids back to school, and finally, I managed to do a full day’s work during the week without Erin and Calum, it did feel a wee bit strange, they have been helping...

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  • 10th August

    Last week I had a wee walk through the Squash and pumpkin plants.

    And they are already ready, last year we didn’t start to harvest them till the 22nd of August, so the crop is a wee bit...

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  • 3rd August

    Last week we managed to get the cosy tunnel re sheeted.

    On the 24th May we were hit with about three days of strong winds, and the polythene got ripped and blown of off this tunnel.


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  • 27th July

    The crops in the field are all coming on great, they have all been bed weeded now twice, and we are away to go over the Leeks and Onions a third time.

    The Cabbages are looking like they are going...

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  • 20th July

    As I was saying last week, we have eventually managed to get into our first fully empty tunnel with the new Siroma tractor.

    With this wee compact tractor we can now rotovate and roll five beds...

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  • 13th July

     Away back in February this year, I had the auld Fergie 135 up and running with a brand-new engine and clutch, I had a new bonnet and mudguards to fit on to.

    But they were getting sprayed...

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  • 6th July

    After the Fleece was blown of off the courgette last week, I had hoped for nice warm weather to help bring the courgettes on for harvesting.

    But we had a week of wet, windy and not so warm temperatures.


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