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  • 3rd February

    Last week at long last we cleaned out the cucumber tunnel.

    It’s always one of the jobs that isn’t the best to tackle, but it is better leaving it till all the cucumber plants have...

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  • 27th January

    As I was saying in previous newsletters, my auld Fergie’s engine has given up. After lots of thought on a replacement tractor, I decided to stick with the Fergie, and ordered a new engine, which...

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  • 20th January

    Over the years. I have talked about solar panelled self-driven bed weeder machines.

    Some of these machines have solar panelled batterie power for drive, and others just a small petrol driven...

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  • 13th January

    One of the first jobs I had to take a look at as soon as we got back after the Christmas holidays, was to take a look at the auld Fergie tractor.

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  • 23rd December

    Merry Christmas from everyone at Bellfield 

    The deliveries will be starting again on Friday 27th December please check your newsletter for your delivery day.

    We are then closed the...

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  • 2nd December

    Last week was my last week of Deliveries.

    Our new driver John will be starting this week.

    Over the last two weeks, there were a few people asking me about the Christmas deliveries.


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  • 25th November

    Last week was my first week out in the van doing the deliveries, before our new driver John starts on December 2nd.

    And it was a week of braw weather,and some of the views you get especially...

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  • 18th November

    I’m writing the news letter this week and its 9.15pm on Sunday night.  I’m have been harvesting Kale and leeks, for Monday’s deliveries, with a head torch on.

    The reason...

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  • 11th November

     Last week we took of the polythene of off one of our 60-meter tunnels.

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  • 4th November

    Last week we pruned back all the Raspberry bushes, there are two hundred and fifty of them, so it took a couple of days to prune them all and take away all the cuttings.

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