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  • 3rd September

    It was a busy week last week getting ready then setting up for the Dundee Flower show.
    We have been doing Dundee Flower show for many years, and although it isn't very good for us selling produce...

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  • 27th August

    As new crops start to be ready for harvesting, some are starting to get near their end for the year.
    The courgettes and Cucumbers have the start of powder mildew on some of the leaves and the plants...

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  • 20th August

    The chillies in the Cucumber tunnel are looking really good now and there are thousands of them on the plants, the strange thing that has happened is we have two batches of 20 plants, one batch is at...

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  • 13th August

    Last week Rab got some more seeds sown with our blocking machine, the seeds done were five thousand Kohl Rabi, three thousand Lettuce and a new trial this year five thousand giant red Celery, this celery...

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  • 6th August

    We were so busy on Thursday with the Cucumbers again that we never got a chance to finish them of before I had to go and collect Erin and Calum, so they had to come down to work to help after I picked...

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  • 30th July

    With all this braw hot hot summer weather we have been having the Pumpkins and Squash crops are coming on fantastic, and we are looking at starting the Spaghetti pumpkins soon, that and the Uchi Kuri...

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  • 23rd July

    This week we are starting to harvest our Onions, which is surprising since they haven't had any rain and they have managed to swell up pretty good. Also surprisingly without the rain we will be harvesting...

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  • 16th July

    Spring Onions was one of the new crops I decided to try and grow this year, every year I try out two to three different crops and sometimes it's a complete failure. I In January I ordered twenty thousand...

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  • 9th July

    I have had a really hard week of work this week, it's been spent with days out at the beach and mountain biking every day with Erin and Calum.

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  • 2nd July

    In last weeks news letter I had talked about how the Cucumbers and Chillies are growing super fast and we should be harvesting them pretty soon.
    Well it's stayed hot really hot and we will be...

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