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  • 16th May

    This week I got all the beetroot and swede seeds sown.

    We always leave them until May to direct sow in the field, when we get to May the soil temperature should be higher and the seeds will germinate...

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  • 9th May

    There has been a job that has been in the back of my mind for a few months now, and it was needing looked at.

    I have been looking at buying a camera guided weeding machine for the fields, for...

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  • 2nd May

    This week I went to the job of replacing the bed former blades, it’s not the best job in the world, so one job I have kept putting off, there are 68 blades to be removed and replaced, each nut...

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  • 22nd April


     Wow what a difference a week of warm weather makes for the plants planted and seeds blocked in the trays.

    The onions have taken on a huge growth spurt, and half of the leeks...

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  • 18th April

    That’s all the onions and Leeks finally blocked, a total of twenty thousand seeds.

    This week Rab will make a start on all of the brassica’s crops.

    Then it will be onto the...

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  • 11th April


     It has been a cold week,  some mornings with frost and even a couple of days with snow.

    Not the best temperatures for the plants that we have planted or the mixed salad...

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  • 4th April


     It was another good week, with the tunnels now all finished.

    It wasn’t just a job of re sheeting, the three tunnels that had their polythene ripped off, we also had...

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  • 28th March

    With the braw week of no wind and sunshine, we now have the three tunnels re sheeted.

    The weather forecast was forecasted to be good for last week, and luckily it was correct, high pressure was...

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  • 21st March

    Last weeks planned work got of to a bad start.

    I had hired a mini digger in for three days, the plans were for getting the trenches dug around the two tunnels that are needing sheeted.

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  • 14th March

    Well I had a fantastic week skiing in France skiing with weather to match, every day there was zero wind and not a cloud in the sky.                                                                                         


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