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  • 29th November

    The next few news letters will be a wee bit shorter; we need to leave space to put in the Christmas delivery dates.

    Last week 300 raspberry canes arrived, the ones we had, all got frosted with...

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  • 22nd November


    We have some amazing mushrooms growing wild around the farm right now, I haven’t got a clue what they are, so we have no intentions on trying them, but they do look fantastic.


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  • 15th Novenber

    Last week’s job was clearing out the cucumber tunnel.

    Its not the best job in the world, with the cucumber plants withered and dead and they are always all full of cob webs.

    So when...

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  • 8th November

    Last week I was talking about machines, and getting a new weeder for the front of the tractor.

    Well this week its machines again.

    The wee compact Siroma tractor which we use for tunnel...

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  • 1st November

    Summer seasonal workers has always been an entertaining time of the year.                     Entertaining,...

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  • 25th october

    Pumpkin harvest time has come round again.

    We can never tell how many pumpkins we will have, until we actually cut them, then place them in batches of 50.

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  • 11th October


    That’s the courgettes finally finished for the season.

    It seems like the year has really flown by, planting them feels like it was only a few weeks ago, and now they are almost...

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  • 6th September

    This week we are putting Green Kale in the nets.

    Kale is a great crop to grow, and is very popular, most of the customers I meet at the markets buy it for two things, one is for Juicing and the...

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  • 30th August

    In the tunnels last week we direct sowed a few varieties of seed that we haven’t tried before.

    It is three different types of Radishes, they are supposed to be sown at the end of August...

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  • 23rd August


    Last week we had to make a quick change to what was going in the nets for delivering.

    We have been harvesting courgettes weekly for a while now, and they have been fantastic.


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